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From Selects Hockey to the Air Force

By Christian Gonzalez, 01/10/18, 4:45PM EST


Hockey Player to the Air Force Officer


Featuring: Tyler Rosenkowski Selects Hockey '04 - '07

The Program.

Often times we forget that less than 1% of all athletes ever make it to the professional level. We forget about how impactful our youth careers are on our lives outside of sport. We forget that we learned how to lose through sport, how to be a more confident individual, how to keep fighting when you feel like you have no fight left, how to lose and look your opponent in the eye and tell them good game. Here at Legacy Global Hockey, we make sure you never forget, we’re here to provide you a world-class experience in order for you to create your own legacy in life, whether in the pro’s or defending your country.

Selects Hockey to The Airforce.

Tyler Rosenkowski played within the Selects Hockey program, an elite AAA development program comprised of the best athletes across the US, Canada and Europe from 2004-2007. Since our inception in 2003, our selects program has produced over 80 NHL athletes, with over 60 currently on an NHL roster. Although Tyler isn’t one of those 60+ on an NHL roster, Tyler’s legacy has been just as impact of any NHL athlete.

Playing professional hockey is every athlete’s goal, but for Tyler, his legacy lies within the United States Airforce Academy. “Leading men of character,” was Rosenkowski’s motive for joining the Airforce Academy. “I looked forward to serving because of the people who served me [in hockey], my coaches at selects hockey were more than just hockey coaches, they were life coaches, they showed me how to be a better leader.”

As an officer now, Rosenkowski oversees 300 airmen of diverse background. “Selects prepared me for a life as a officer, this program exposed me to a diverse culture at a young age and taught me how to communicate with people both domestically and internationally.

It's Hockey all the Time.

Each year, our Selects Program participates in World Selects Invite (WSI) in Europe or North America, WSI is an Elite AAA tournament comprised of the best teams around the world. This year WSI is held in North America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The top players from the 2003 birth year are selected to have the unique opportunity compete on 28 of the strongest Elite Select Teams from around the globe, showcased in front of North America’s top college recruiters, prep schools,executives, coaches and scouts from USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, the CHL, OHL, USHL, NAHL, plus European and NHLscouts – all looking for that something special at the World Selects Invitational. Organized by LEGACY Global Sports, WSI will see 20 North American teams and 8 elite European teams compete over five days in the Philadelphia/Voorhees area.

During Tyler’s selects career he had the privilege of playing in our European WSI tournament in Sweden. I asked Tyler what he thought Sweden was like before he went over, his response “Hockey. “It’s hockey all the time, no matter where you’re from, especially at the AAA level.” Rosenkowski describes the culture of Sweden hockey. “They’re still developing, just like us here in the states, but they’re just a little more advanced.”

Advice from Tyler Rosenkowski

“Be grateful for your experiences, whether you’re playing AAA hockey at regional or WSI level, or just a single A hockey player, be grateful and take advantage of your opportunity to play."

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