The new standard in hockey training, GELSTX is a game-changing, weighted hockey stick that maximizes the development of an athlete’s shot velocity without jeopardizing accuracy. Great for stick handling, passing and shooting that assists in the maturity of an athlete’s hockey-specific muscle development. A premier partner at the 2018 Motown Classic Kick-off Party, GELSTX can take the exact specifications and preferences of your game-used stick and incorporate it into your personal training stick.

David Quinn, coach of the New York Rangers, said, “Within four minutes, I purchased GELSTX for my entire team. This is a revolutionary training tool that gives players a desired edge.”

From the NHL to NCAA, players and coaches alike have taken notice of this great product. From the Arizona Coyotes to the University of Maine, GELSTX is quickly becoming one of the leaders in hockey training.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,”¬†University of North Dakota coach Brad Berry said. “Our guys who spend a ton of time on their puck handling and shooting absolutely ate it up. As a program, we always look for innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Every guy on our squad has a GELSTX built to his exact specs.”

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