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Prep prospect showcase

Bedford, MA
May 17 - 20, 2018

The Girls' Selects Prep Prospects is THE most comprehensive, most competitive pre-prep tournament for girls in the United States! Prep Prospects is the place to "be seen" and also to learn more about individual prep schools and the prep school process, all in one location!

There are over 60 New England Prep Schools that offer Girl's Ice Hockey at the Division 1 and Division 2 level, all within driving distance of Boston. Here is a link to the College Preparatory Boarding School Review. There is a lot of useful information on this website about prep pchools in general, FAQs about selecting, applying to and attending prep schools, etc.

Many of these schools will be on-hand throughout the weekend to answer your questions about their schools and watch you play hockey. In addition, we encourage all participants to schedule visits to the schools before, during and/or after the Prep Prospects. There are scheduled breaks in the day which are intended to allow you time to meet with coaches and admissions officers and/or visit schools during these breaks. Prior to the Prep Prospects weekend, we will distribute a list of contact information for the schools participating.

Camp Details

Camp Contacts

Kathy Pippy

Camp Director

Selects Hockey Camp Cancellation Policy:

If cancelled within 30 days of the event, no refund will be issued; if cancelled with greater than 30 days before an event, a 50% cancellation fee of the total event cost applies. 

If a camper becomes sick or injured at camp or just before camp, 50% of the unused portion of the camp tuition will be honored as credit for a future Selects Hockey event. A Doctor's Note is Required.


It is our intent to provide the best prep school scouting opportunities available to our participants. Our instructors and coaches have shown tremendous dedication and a passion for teaching top hockey players. Our coaches enjoy themselves as much as the students and this makes for a great weekend, on and off the ice.

The purpose of the Girls' Selects Prep Prospects is to provide every player the opportunity to interact with prep school coaches on and off the ice, as well as being scouted in highly competitive game situations. If your daughter is definitely wanting to attend a New England prep school, then this will give her the opportunity to interact with some of the coaches, on and off the ice. If your daughter is interested in learning more about the possibility and the process, this will help provide her (and parents) with the information you need to make the best decision for your child, all while having a great hockey weekend in Boston, MA!

COMPETITION: Players are pushed to perform and excel just as they would in the Prep School team level.

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