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Selects Hockey Development

About The Program


About SHD Programs

The Selects Hockey Development Program (SHD) was formed to give young athletes an opportunity to keep their development curve moving forward and compete against strong competition from all over the world while enriching their lives through a combination of incredible hockey and life experiences.

SHD allows players a chance to compete in high level events through spring tournaments, local training centers, summer camps & Europe tours. We scout players from all over the world to play for our teams both during the winter season and at our spring/summer events. Our scouting staff will be watching for quality hockey players with the potential that we look for in our Selects Hockey Program.

We are committed to working with dedicated, talented young hockey players from around the globe in their off-season and providing them with the strongest level of coaching, development, education and competition.

SHD and Selects Hockey are unique in that we are a professional sports organization. We operate in the best interest of the players and their families and cultivate a politics-free environment. Players are rewarded for effort, character and performance alone.

The program grew out of our love for hockey, our passion for teaching the game, and our desire to develop a first-class, culture that will deliver long-lasting positive experiences to our players.

Regional programming Contacts

Mitch Larnerd

Mid Atlantic/Atlantic SHD

Phone: 609-254-9624

Rod Braceful

Midwest SHD

Phone: 313-590-1118

Paddy Murphy

New England SHD

Phone: 856-264-2021

Paul Maciejewski

Western NY SHD

Phone: 716-983-5513

Dan Nadeau

Ontario SHD

Phone: 647-631-9321